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I know a handful of people my age who want a career in the art and design industry, I can only imagine how many others are out there. While we were in high school, working on our senior 2D portfolios with weekly projects, on our…

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aw yeah getting personally ripped in half alive by the hands of satsuki’s eyebrow game is the way to go in life.
White people: We don't want any black people in our clubs, bars, parties, restaurants, schools, government, banks, neighborhoods, or offices
Black people: Well fuck ya'll then. We can go start our own shit that's just for black people and nobody else.
White people: ......
White people: Wow, excluding people based solely on their skin color? That's really racist and I am personally offended. How would you feel if we did that to you?


Yeah I guess you could say I like older men .